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Ride Report #3 – Fuel Costs

The V-Strom and I continue to travel well.  I exited Yellowstone over Bear’s Tooth Pass at 10,940.  Yes it snowed there while I was riding.  The third different state I’ve hit snow in.  I’ve put 6,500 miles on the motorcycle during my nearly two months of my journey reaching Missoula Montana.   Read moreRead more


Ride Report #2

Another 2,500 miles of travels have come and gone on the motorcycle bringing me just shy of 5,000 on the trip.  These miles were smoother than the first round literally and figuratively.  I still took my fair share of dirt roads, but none nearly so rocky as Big Bend was. Read moreRead more


The Motorcycle Setup

If you haven’t figured out that I’m doing a trip on a motorcycle yet then welcome to my blog.  I’ll get a few things out of the way right off.

  • No, I’m not crazy
  • No, I haven’t done this before.  I mean AT ALL, zero camp trips on the bike.  Nearly every weekend I had last year was spent finishing out my house or visiting friends and family out of state.
  • No, that doesn’t worry me.
  • Yes, I’m sure and ok maybe a little crazy

Read moreRead more