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Photo Essay of Lassen Volcanic National Park

I spent a day at Lassen Volcanic National Park.  My intention was to do the hike up to Lassen Peak, but it was closed due to helicopter training activity.  Instead I went to Brokeoff Mountain at the southern end of the park and hiked to its summit.  Here are some of the photos I took at Lassen. Read moreRead more

100 Days of Bikes, Boots, and Blogs

I’m at the halfway point of Phase 1 of Brian’s World Destination Travel Plan.  I just made that title up, needs some work.  Still 100 days and a little under 12,000 miles have turned under my tires since leaving Texas in April.  Speaking of which I have much needed NEW TIRES on my V-Strom!!!  Woohoo for that.

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Wildlife of Yellowstone National Park

You got the water post first as Yellowstone exposed just how much my camera lacks in zoom.  Still many of the animals get pretty close regardless.  I saw nearly all of them that I’d hoped for; grizzly, wolf, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain sheep, bison, elk, pronghorn, and coyote. Read moreRead more


Waters of Yellowstone National Park

Water dominates at Yellowstone National Park in every way.  All shapes, sizes, and states interact to determine what grows, dies, and where it can go.  Old Faithful is many people’s image of the park, though its claim to fame is reliability of awe, though its not shabby there. Read moreRead more