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Going Higher in Lake Louise

Finishing 3 days of climbing in the backcountry didn’t change plans much as we simply moved down the Lake Louise campground to do the same thing.  The main upside to this was the access to showers and restocking on groceries.  Aside from that we were driving to the mountains instead of hiking to the nearest ones.

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Back In Lake Louise

With Jana and my 3 day 2,200 mile sprint complete it was time to try to get back into boot mode.  Not so easy after over 40 hours of riding.  It was a 5 mile uphill climb to the site we used as a base camp for three nights along an easy path.  Just what I needed to get loosened up.

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Seward Leads to a BIG Detour


For the last hour I’d been hiking in Kenai Fjords National Park.  Now and then a glimpse of the Exit Glacier  would appear only for the trail to turn back north.  The next valley over was green and lush.  I kept contrasting the two sites so close together and so different.  How was one full of years of snow and ice and the other thriving with flora? Read moreRead more


Thoughts on Alaska

I’d been meaning to writeup some of my thoughts about Alaska about now so I’m going to tie it into the final few cities I visited as well.  Fortunately for both of us I won’t use as many words to do this as miles I drove there.  Know why that’s good?  Because the place is HUGE!  I ended up with a fairly bare bones route through the state and still rode about 2,500 miles there and that’s after taking 2 days to go the first 93 miles!  It’s fewer miles than from San Diego to Jacksonville Florida.

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What’s Ahead On My Motorcycle Travels South?

I actually wrote most of this post the same time as my 100 day review, then promptly disappeared for two weeks.  Since then, I returned to Lake Louise for 10 days of mountain climbing (scrambling up no ropes required) and went to Nakusp BC for a Horizons Unlimited motorcycle travel meeting.  I’m going to quickly put out this post with the rest of this year’s plans then return to my alternate day posting schedule to get caught back up.  Sorry for the disappearance, but I can’t promise it won’t be the last time.

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Wet and Elusive Denali National Park

In Fairbanks I began doing my research and getting excited to visit Denali National Park.  A massive 6 million acre park that is kept as wild by limiting areas accessible within the park.  Only one road services the interior of the park and buses are the only option to travel the road.  Camp sites are located in the interior of the park, but reservations are usually needed.  I was able to get in at the park entrance for two nights and had to live with that. Read moreRead more