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Onto the all important question of what I’m bringing

I’ll be doing further reviews on the equipment as I go.

Motorcycle Related

2004 Suzuki V-Strom, bought used in 2008

Pat Walsh Crash Bars, Skid Plate, Radiator Protector, and Highway Pegs

Panniers – 40L Caribou Cases

Symtec Heated Grips – I hate cold weather, yes I know I’m going to Alaska

Stebel Horn

Tourmaster Tank Bag

Teva Dry Bag/Backpack for rear top bag

Eastern Beaver for cigarette lighter to charge electronics and hookup for heated grips

What I’m Wearing While Riding

Helmet – HJC AC-12 – Lightweight and Comfortable

Jacket – Fieldsheet Adventure – Silver/Black

Pants – Olympia Airglide II – Silver

Boots – Montrail Gortex Hiking Boots – considering motorcycle boots

Gloves –


Toshiba NB205 Netbook

Canon PowerShot S90 Camera – Great pocket-sized camera, really excited about this!

S90 Underwater Housing – Will be used around water and to get some on the road shots/video 🙂

Apple iPhone – No Cell Service

Travel Power Strip – 3 Outlets and 1 USB Port

Power Inverter – blowing fuses. Need to figure out a setup that will work so I can charge on the road.

Camping Gear

North Face Tadpole 2 Man Tent

Marmot 15 degree down sleeping bag


MSR Whisperlite Stove


2 -Pants

4 – Shirts

1 – Fleece

4 – Socks

3 – Underwear

Salamon Mesh Sneakers

Flip Flops



Drugs, lots of them – for my Ulcerative Colitis.

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  1. Apr 24 2010

    A few thoughts for you while you are just starting out

    #1 – I read the post about your tent leaking. Being a North Face it should be sealed already. Not good that it is already leaking. Contact them, see what they say. If you need to look at a newer tent, check out the REI Half Dome. It just got some great reviews. I personally use the MSR Mo Room 2 do to the huge vestibule space, but it is no longer made.

    #2 Invest into some good riding boots. I have been extremely happy for the last 4 years with my Alpinestar Effex Gortex waterproof boots. Several thousands of miles upon miles of Pacific Northwest riding. That is everything from soggy, torrential downpours to blistering 105+ degree days. They are absolutely great and comfortable enough to wear all the time.

    My Review:

    #3 If you do not have the WhisperLite International, you may want to look at upgrading eventually to either that, or the Dragonfly (Or Optimus Nova or similar). You will eventually like the peace of mind that you will always have fuel for your stove, no matter where you are. A true Multi-Fuel stove is priceless.

    #4 a real Notebook and pen(s). You are going to find that you don’t want to open up that netbook of yours some nights. You may be sitting at camp, just collecting thoughts.

    Save the power in the battery, hum a toon, and jot down whats on your mind in the way it was done for years. It will bring about a peace you will grow to admire, and will help you unwind at the end of a long day.

    And my final recommendation….

    Synthetic Under Clothing such as UnderArmor

    Spendy, yes, but a couple long sleeve shirts and full length under pants in the heat gear variety (cold gear for winter) will keep you smelling funk free for days. It will help with greatly improving regulation of your bodies temperature and helps keep down that odor from your other cloths, helping you go a couple more days in between changes.

    You can also wash it and dry it in about 15 minutes.

    I always wear it when I go for extended length rides, and whenever I am on the track road racing. It is seriously worth investing in to.

    Same goes with socks, look into some good anti-bacterial synthetic socks to wear mainly during the summer. Helps protect your feet, and your footwear.

  2. mournlight
    Dec 15 2010

    I’ve done a few US trips, 3000-9000 miles, always camping. I’ve been using a cigarette-plug adapter to charge one item at a time. I only enable it at higher rpms. I checked with mfg before installing to make sure it wouldn’t overdrain battery. I can run a cell phone or laptop charger and heated jacket with no prob. Requires an additional cord but very versatile and lighter than an inverter.
    And I second the whisper-lite stove recommendation. Good backpacking gear is great on a motorcycle. So are good tires

    Thanks for blogging. Nice to see others’ experiences.


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