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BrianHello, I’m Brian Setzer, no, not that one.  I’ve quit my job and am on the road, literally.  I departed from Texas on my motorcycle, a Suzuki 650 V-Strom and am heading to San Diego.  Not that long of a trip, except that I’ll be making a detour to Alaska!  Here’s my itinerary.  The plan was to hang out there for a few months and then keep driving south.

Now my sister is starting a job in Hannover Germany in August so my parents and I will be headed over there to see her in December.  And since I’m over there, I may as well tour around a bit too right?  Won’t be doing that part on a motorcycle though.  Right now I’m looking at Eastern Europe and a swing from Egypt to Turkey. When I get back from that I can think about going south again.

I’ve traveled through much of the US, except Alaska and the far NE, and lived in 8 different states.  In 2006/07 I took a one year leave of absence to travel.  Not everything worked out as I’d hoped and I had to change plans a few times, which looking back was probably was the theme of that year.  Still, I still made it to Australia and SE Asia and was left wondering when I could do it again?

The idea for this trip first crept into my mind while I was in Laos doing “The Loop” trip talked about in Lonely Planet on a rented scooter.  So in 2008 I took a motorcycle safety course and bought a motorcycle to travel with.

While my mind has certainly wavered quite a bit since then the plan, for now, is amazingly similar to what I’d imagined/hoped for way back then.  This time, there is no leave-of-absence.  I’ve cut ties, sold what I owned (still have the house listed), and am heading out to find my own path.

Drop me a line, leave a comment, or meet me on the road.  There’s fun enough for all of us out there.  I’ll be updating my Facebook Fan Page with quick observations whenever I can.  Subscribe to the blog for more thorough updates and lots of pictures.  Come along for the ride, it’s sure to be an interesting one!

Brian Setzer

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  1. Apr 16 2010

    Love your site, even if you’re aren’t the other Brian. Bikes rock, was on the path to getting my license 2 years back, but circumstance derailed me. Hope to try again!

    • Apr 17 2010

      Thanks for coming by. Glad you like the site. Hopefully I’ll inspire a few more people on the travel side to to get their two wheel license. It’s great way to get away from it all wherever you are.

  2. Apr 24 2010

    I’m so extremely envious of your planned motorcycle route and continued travels! I’ve always wanted to buy a bike and go on long tour – be it across the US or Europe. All the best and safe travels!

    • Apr 24 2010

      Nice to see you here Matt. Hope you get a chance to do a bike trip too.

  3. May 5 2010

    Fantastic site Brian & love what you’re doing!! Very inspirational. I am forwarding your site on to a friend of mine in Toronto. I really think Jeff will enjoy this as he’s a bike traveler himself.


    • May 5 2010

      Awesome! So glad you came by.

  4. Jun 11 2010

    Hey Brian

    Great to meet you in Yellowstone. We are now in Moab… it’s warm and gorgegous, we think we might stay a week or two. No passes with snow on the way down, but we did get the side winds (got blown across the road at 30mph!)

    Hope you enjoyed yellowstone, and you got over that nice high pass. Stay in touch with email/website above (and add me to your blog!), and remember to come and stay anytime you are over in our hemisphere.

    🙂 Al and Chris

    • Jun 14 2010

      Great to here you made it Moab and that the sun is out. It’s even out here in Montana at the moment! I’ll definitely be linking up and following along to see where you end up. Hope we cross paths again one day!

  5. Jun 23 2010

    Hi, I’m not that one either…great site and love the nomadic attitude. We’re putting together a 6k trip this September and hopefully it will be exciting and interesting as your travels. Great video of Bear Tooth Pass…done that a couple of times … but no snow!

  6. Aug 5 2010


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  7. Julie
    Aug 26 2010

    Wow! Sounds like a fun trip traveling across the country and all around on your motorcycle! Bet the scenery is breathtaking! My boyfriend has a Harley and we just ride around locally, but it’s a blast!
    Best Wishes to you on your travels!

    • Aug 28 2010

      It’s been fantastic Julie. Glad you are enjoying the trip as well now!

  8. Oct 5 2010

    i love your site! hopefully its not too late to learn how to drive a motorcycle for me hehe 🙂

    • Oct 12 2010

      It’s never to late. All you need is a sense of adventure and a dream!

  9. Aug 23 2012

    It was nice meeting you this morning at the gas station in Vegas. I am the guy that gave you the Biker Atlas card… I could tell you were a traveler, but after checking out your site, I am jealous!!!! Have fun out there and keep us posted.

  10. Jul 20 2014

    Beautiful and inspiring website! We have also a Suzuky V-Strom and we plane to go from Italy to Belgium next month. But we don’t have we the equipment that is needed to do a long bike. Did you thing that is possible to do it without special equipment?
    If you want to take a look at our crowdfunding campaign and share, it would really mean a lot to us.

    Thank you for your attention!


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