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September 4, 2012


Remember Me?


Hey all. My first post in two years! May as well since I’ve kept the sight up all this time.

I’m back in the states, near Santa Fe NM currently. I’m housesitting for a couple doing the Cannonball Run trip from New York to San Francisco on a 1927 BSA motorbike. That part is just a coincidence, but seemed like the perfect housesit to find.

After spending July visiting with my family in San Diego I got my VStrom re-registered and back on the road. It felt great despite temps in the 100s for the first few days on my way to Utah. I was out for 11 days doing a little under 3,000 miles. After a quick return to San Diego I made my way here for the next month.

On October 16th I’ll be a presenter at the San Diego location of Meet Plan Go’s nationwide event encouraging people to take career breaks. Something I seem to excel at. Right after that I head to Cambria California for Horizon’s Unlimited’s meetup there. I will also do a presentation at this one on how to Travel for Less by Motorcycle. Another area I have a fair bit of experience and advice on. If you are in the neighborhood and interested in any of these go sign up now.

To quickly fill in the blanks on my hiatus, I…

  • Meet a woman from Belgium at Burning Man that I ended up dating util May of this year
  • Spent a month in Mexico with her
  • Had a quick stopover in Iceland on my way to Amsterdam
  • Christmas in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic with my family in 2010
  • Belgium in Jan 2011
  • Morocco and Turkey Feb-Apr
  • Back to Amsterdam for Queens Day
  • Off to Ireland in May
  • Hiked 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago in June
  • Some more time in Belgium before she went to Guatemala and I went to Norway
  • Returned to the US; Florida and California in Aug and Sep
  • Used a free ticket to Europe from getting bumped in Iceland to spend Oct and Nov in Spain
  • December in Belgium with her and her family
  • A two week stop in San Diego in January
  • Spent 3.5 months in Colombia where I broke my camera and worked as a model for ExOfficio
  • 1.5 months in Ecuador
  • And finally returned to San Diego in July and upgrade my camera 🙂
There are plenty more albums for the different countries if you are really that interested at
No plans for me after the meetings in October I mentioned. Am thinking to do more housesitting if I can find it and try to work on some online projects to get some income for a change. Very up in the air, but not stressing me out yet.
So thanks for checking back in. Next up will be photos from my two week trip to some of my favorite places in the US!
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  1. Gary Stauble
    Sep 4 2012

    Hey Man, Glad to hear you’re still at it. Not sure if you’re aware of but she may be your soul mate…

    • Sep 11 2012

      I do know of her but haven’t ever met. Thanks for the thought. Hope we get together to ride our Stroms sometime…

      • Gary Stauble
        Sep 13 2012

        Hell yes! Let me know if you’re ever up this way.

  2. Christopher McDaniel
    Sep 5 2012

    I saw your bike parked at a store in Lassen Nat. Park in Aug. 2010 (I think) Wanted to chat with you but didn’t see you so I wrote down your website and have been following your adventure. Thanx for sharing!

    • Sep 11 2012

      That would be the right timing. Thanks for remembering and following after all this time!

  3. Sam
    Sep 13 2012


    I really think you need to stop being a hermit and get out and see the world.

    Sam & Tracy from BurningMan 2010

  4. Jan 25 2013

    Great to see you’re posting again – been following the blog for a while. You’re housesitting setup sounds ideal.

    All the best for 2013

  5. Nov 14 2013

    Hey Brian, just dropping by here. I wish I could read more on your adventures. I really like this blog and its really interesting. Keep up the good work.

  6. sums
    Jun 27 2016

    yo bro u still traveling. I’m amazed how much you’ve traveled that is awesome reminds me of being in my 20’s


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