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June 25, 2010

Win A Travel Book #5


The winner of the 3rd contest selected The Blue Bear by Lynn Schooner a book I truly enjoyed.  The author starts out as a guide for a Japanese nature photographer, Michio Hoshino, in Alaska where they become friends and search for an elusive bear that is said to have blue tinged fur.  One of the books that inspired my desire to visit Alaska.  Sadly, Michio was killed by a grizzly in Russia in 1996.

I remember stumbling across this book in Barnes and Noble and buying it on a whim.  Ok, it was in the bargain section.  I was fascinated from the beginning and shared it with a friend who was a fan of Michio’s photography who thought the same.  The winner, Matt, is going to Alaska later this summer leading to this choice.

I finished House of Rain which I highly recommend for anyone going to the southwest or who is interested in the Anasazi culture.  I also read a short fiction novel, The Curve of the World about survival in the Congo after an emergency landing.  It was ok.  Nothing outstanding except the price of $1 from the Jackson Wyoming library.

I’ve started relying on libraries for both their free wifi and used books available from free to a couple dollars.  Problem is I now have two finished books with me and don’t feel like mailing them home.  I donated my first book to Joe and will probably do the same with these to the next person I meet on the road.  Need to make room for the hiking boots my parents mailed to Montana for me.

Onto contest #5, there are two ways to enter

  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. ‘Like’ my Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment on the link for this post or on the wall.

That’s all you have to do. If you do both of these then you will be entered twice. I will be paying for shipping out of my own pocket which means they’ll be going by media mail, slow and cheap. I am not limiting this to the US either. Winners can come from around the globe.  The comments can be about whatever you like.

See the Google Doc Spreadsheet of books here.  If you’re new to my win a Travel Book Contest see the first post to find out how it came about.

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