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May 25, 2010


Win A Travel Book #3


The winner of the first contest selected In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson.  A really funny set of tales from his journeys around Australia.  I got this book before my career break in 2006/07, a good portion of which I’d planned to spend in Australia.  This book gave me a few offbeat areas to look into further and was entertaining throughout.

I finished River-Horse two nights ago.  Not as entertaining as Blue Highways, but it still had a fair bit I could relate to for getting back on the road.  I’ve been traveling with a guy, Joe, I met in the Grand Canyon most of the last week so there were a few ideas and happenings in the book that we could talk about.  One of these was, “what is the fewest number of states you can travel through from the Atlantic to the Pacific overland?”

I’m in Moab Utah right now and bought a new book last night, House of Rain.  It looks back at the history of the Anasazi and what became of them.  I didn’t see anything about the road ahead jumping out at me so I decided to get some details about the area I just left.  I’m looking forward to it and warmer nights to encourage me to read.

A new winner was also selected this morning, someone I don’t know at all this time.  I’ll find out what book they want later and talk about it next time.  With that done we’ll open up the next contest.

There are two ways to enter

  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. ‘Like’ my Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment on the link for this post or on the wall.

That’s all you have to do. If you do both of these then you will be entered twice. I will be paying for shipping out of my own pocket which means they’ll be going by media mail, slow and cheap. I am not limiting this to the US either. Winners can come from around the globe.

The comments can be about whatever you like.  Since I just went through another wild wind storm two nights ago this week’s theme is travel weather.  What’s the wildest travel weather you’ve experienced?

See the Google Doc Spreadsheet of books here.  If you’re new to my win a Travel Book Contest see the first post to find out how it came about.

Travel Books Photo by Mailas

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  1. Marsh
    May 25 2010

    Bri, do you have any books on Malta? I’m thinking of going their for my fall break in October.

    • May 25 2010

      Nope sorry, sounds like fun though!

      • Marsh
        May 25 2010

        I’ve pretty much spent half my day planning the trip:)

  2. May 25 2010

    what is travel book #3 i want it

    • May 25 2010

      You get to choose from any of the books that I haven’t given away yet. A list of the books available is here.

  3. Lisa Neely
    May 25 2010

    Hi Brian,
    I feel so fortunate to have won one of your travel books! I haven’t started it yet but plan to as soon as school lets out. Looking forward to seeing Marsha this weekend and taking in a Padre game. We’ll have a beer in your honor!!


  4. May 26 2010

    Intense and unnatural rain in the Australian outback! It rains for less than 8 days each year and we had torrential rain for the three days I was camping out – the roads were flooded, campsites were flooded – the bus broke down…it was some pretty bad travel weather! 🙂

    • May 26 2010

      That doesn’t sound like fun at all. I’ve been really lucky with the rain so far, we’ll see how long it can keep up….

  5. Matt Butitta
    May 26 2010

    Best wishes to you Brian.


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