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April 24, 2010


Win A Travel Book #1


To finish my first week of blogging off I’m going to hold a contest to win a travel book! I will hold these contests on the 10th and 24th every month.

While cleaning out my house to get ready for this trip one of the first areas I tackled was my big bookcase. Two shelves of it were dedicated to travel books. Guidebooks I’d used, guidebooks I hoped to use, outdoor/nature books, travel stories, novels, you get the idea.

Instead of trying to sell them, I decided to donate them, to YOU. See what you get for getting on-board this trip from the start, better odds, that’s what. And the best part? The winner will get to select which book they want.* Woohoo! Free books! Recycling!

There are two ways to enter

  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. ‘Like’ my Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment on the link for this post or on the wall.

That’s all you have to do. If you do both of these then you will be entered twice. I will be paying for shipping out of my own pocket which means they’ll be going by media mail, slow and cheap. I am not limiting this to the US either. Winners can come from around the globe.

The comments can be about whatever you like, however each week I will have a theme in case you need help with something to say. This week’s theme is to help me come up with a catchy name for this contest.

When a new contest begins I will select a winner at random from the previous contest and notify them by email or direct message on Facebook. Only I can see the email addresses for comments, they are not shown to anyone else.

As this continues I will do reviews on the books I mail out and will ask the winners if they are interested in doing one after they read/use it as well. I will be keeping a Google Doc Spreadsheet of the books with Amazon links of the books available.  This is only a partial list so far.  I’ll say “thanks” ahead of time to Mom and Dad for the trips to the post office.

*Occasionally I will be picking the book ahead of time. This will occur when I finish one on the road or am provided with a book to give away.

Rare Books Photo by Guldfisken – Travel Books Photo by Mailas

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  1. Apr 24 2010

    Any African Books there? or European? Than it would be worth my while entering

    • Apr 25 2010

      Too late you already entered. And yes there are two – “Dark Star Safari” and “The Road Builder”

  2. Apr 24 2010

    This is a really great idea! I have some books that I could stand to get rid of, and this seems like a perfect way to do so.

  3. Apr 24 2010

    Great site! We should exchange travel stories! I’ve been to about 25 countries and counting and still need to explore Africa and South America!!

    • Apr 24 2010

      Thanks Lisa. Great to hear you’re enjoying. I’m always game to talk about travel. My email is on the About page.

  4. Dan Clauss
    Apr 26 2010

    Yesterday I traveled from Santee to Fashion Valley Mall. I chose to take Friars Road instead of the freeway. Once at Fashion Valley, I meandered through the Bose and Nike stores.
    It was exhilarating trip where I amassed a new set of running shoes.

    More updates to come.

    Coach Clauss

  5. Mama Setz
    Apr 26 2010

    Hi Dan,
    I LOVED your comment – laughed out loud. When are you going to make the trek over here so we can babysit? We can suggest a recommended route, if need be.

  6. Dan Clauss
    Apr 28 2010

    Hi Jean,
    I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my adventure.

    I have some 2XL tommy bahama shirts that are too large for me. Some are brand new and some I’ve worn only a couple of times. Do you think Rich might like them?

  7. Heather Morgan
    May 11 2010

    Hi Brian! I caught a glimpse of your blog on your facebook and became very interested right away. Very proud of you for doing this. i think my husband is jealous – he would love to do what you are doing 🙂 maybe one day. you’ll have to get a book (if you don’t already have one) on Germany since you will be visiting your sis there. My husband is German and I am hoping we can go in the next few years. take care!

    old friend, Heather Morgan

    • May 11 2010

      Hi Heather! Thanks for coming by. The trip’s been going great so far. Hope you’re able to get over to Germany!

  8. Aug 10 2010

    Nice books for travel. I think I will have one for my adventure this coming month for reference purpose.


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