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August 26, 2010


Nakusp Motorcycle Travel Meeting


If you can make me feel like a stay at home bum or someone that needs to find a job so that I can go see the world then it’s safe to say I’m in a place I want to be.  That place was Horizons Unlimited West Candada meetup in Nakusp British Colombia.  Horizons was the first site I came across when I start investigating motorcycle travel and one that I’ve gone back to many times since for information and inspiration.

Motorcycle CampersMotorcycle Campers


Motorcycle Campers


I knew that getting to one of these meetings was a priority for the summer.  When the schedule came out the location and timing of this one was perfect and over 160 people must have agreed.  That’s more than double the number that went last year and they organizers did a fantastic job to accommodate everyone.

Actually, I not only attended, but was one of the presenters.  Due to my change in plans of going to Lake Louise I didn’t leave the time to prepare that I hoped and ended up getting things ready on the ride to Nakusp.  This began very evident when I discovered that I didn’t even have Powerpoint on my netbook.  A small detail right?

It was one I had to work around at that point so I pulled up a few pages from my website, downloaded a slide show program for a few slides, and set up a photo slideshow in Picasa the program I use for all my photo needs.  On arriving I set up camp then discovered the registration area about an hour before dinner was to begin.  “Oh good, you made it.  Can you do your presentation tonight instead of tomorrow?”

“Sure, why not.”

The nice thing about being a presenter was that the camp fee and registration was waived, plus I got a free shirt.  Since I’d originally signed up to be an attendee I actually got money back when I got there.  The only thing I had to pay for over the weekend was the dinners each night of about $12 which are optional and other meals on my own.

Horizons Unlimited Tire Changing ClassHorizons Unlimited Tire Changing Class


Horizons Unlimited Tire Changing Class


Grant and Susan Johnson are the founders of Horizons Unlimited and did the first talk on how they got into motorcycle travel over 25 years ago.  After that was Rene Cormier about his trip around the world.  I thought I was next and relieved to find out there some else had to go as I knew I wasn’t going to come close to the previous presentations.

I was the last presenter Thursday night finishing around 11pm and survived knowing it wasn’t really up to par.  Still the most frequent comments to me the rest of the weekend were that they loved my pictures and what kind of camera did I use.  There were several surprised faces when I pulled it out of my pocket to show them.

The good thing is that now my part was done for the weekend, lots of people knew my story, and I could now go about trying to gain information rather than pretend I had knowledge to share.  Friday and Saturday had similar schedules with more informational type meetings in the day time and inspirational world journey tales at night.  I know every continent was discussed at one time or another and it doesn’t even seem like many countries could have been skipped either.  With talks ending at midnight both nights and people rising before 7 there wasn’t much time for anything else during the weekend.

Nakusp ShorelineNakusp Shoreline


Nakusp Shoreline


A few riders went out during the day to enjoy the beautiful location, my bike didn’t move until Sunday morning.  The sun arrived in full force Friday and clear skies became the norm.  Something I hadn’t had in months.  Eating lunch on the lake boardwalk with my new Romanian friends (now in Edmonton) on Friday was just what I needed.

I was particularly interested in the maintenance talks during the day knowing that this is a big area of improvement for me.  Both to fix what I break and to stop breaking so many things.  The tire changing session would have been great a month earlier, but I’m sure something I’ll be doing plenty more down the road too.  I’ll also being attending more of these meetings as well.

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  1. Jack Sloan
    Aug 27 2010

    I have followed on your adventure every step of the way but somehow missed what kind of camera you are using. Please astound me with your answer.I think your photos are very nice. Save your notes and write a novel.

    • Aug 28 2010

      Thanks Jack. I’m using a point and shoot Canon S90 for my camera. I’ve been very pleases with it. There’s a link for it on my Gear tab up top.

  2. Mar 21 2011

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