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June 19, 2010


Wildlife of Yellowstone National Park


You got the water post first as Yellowstone exposed just how much my camera lacks in zoom.  Still many of the animals get pretty close regardless.  I saw nearly all of them that I’d hoped for; grizzly, wolf, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain sheep, bison, elk, pronghorn, and coyote.

The wolf was the coolest and the one I waited the longest for.  I was on my way to camp in the evening and saw the crowd.  There was an elk carcass in the field covered in ravens.  A female wolf had come out, ate a little, and was hiding in the trees further away.  Several of the serious photographers were calling it quits as I showed up.

I put another layer on when two of the photographers came back.  One had seen a large male wolf waiting to cross the road.  After 40 minutes he finally did and began making his way to the elk.  I was seriously jealous of the big cameras there as the light was incredible.  The sun was setting and had the elk and wolf lit up on a rise when it finally approached.  I only took one picture and watched the rest through my binoculars.  It took two pieces of the elk until a tour bus idled on the road scaring it away.

The first (of three) grizzly sightings was really good.  A mother and two cubs on an open hill side looking under rocks for breakfast.  She kept moving left and right across the hill as her cubs and the hoard below followed.  I stayed here close to an hour before moving on.

The last big animal sighting was two moose near the norhteast entrance of the park on my way out.  I hadn’t see any moose yet in either park so that really added to the list and sent me out on a high note.

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  1. Jun 19 2010

    Wow, some truly amazing shots you captured here – it looks so serene and calm.


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