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April 19, 2010


My Itinerary for 2010


I’ve been living in Texas since 2007 so naturally that’s my departing point.  The first destination is Big Bend National Park on the western border of Texas.  Two weeks ago I drove to San Diego and back to leave stuff at my parents house.  It was an 18 hour trip, 8 hours of which was in Texas despite living in the middle of the state.  In other words, I don’t intend to get to Big Bend in one day.

I’m already about 3 weeks behind my ideal schedule which really isn’t too bad.  It would have provided me more time to wander around, but there was simply too much to do before going.  Turns out this was the best year for wildflowers that this area has had in ages so at least I had a nice commute the last few weeks.

From Guadalupe Mountains NPBig Bend it’s off to New Mexico and Utah. I’m going to concentrate on the desert/canyon areas at first since I’ll be in mountains most of the way north after that.  I want to get to some offbeat and less visited areas while mixing in bigger attractions now and then.  Two of the main resources I’ll be using for this are the National Geographic Guide to the National Parks and Atlas Obscura.

The next destination I definitely want to get to is Glacier National Park.  I was on my there when my back troubles came about in 2006.  I was forced to skip it completely along with the 5 day backcountry hike I had permitted.  Let’s hope I have better luck this time.  After GNP will be Banff in Alberta, Canada and then on to Alaska.

Most of the time I’ll be in remote areas and camping.  Even if I didn’t plan on that I don’t think there would be a choice at times since there is a lot of empty space out that way.  I’m already a bit worried about bears as I go north so the camping may decline up there.  I’ve been meaning to try out Couchsurfing anyway.

Even without a job I’ve still found a way to make a couple of time constraints to complicate things.  There is a motorcycle meetup I want to attend in Nakusp British Columbia in mid August which is not too far west of Banff.

Banff NP

Because it’s in August I will go up to Alaska first and come back down that way.  Additionally, I’m the best man in a wedding on September 25th in San Diego and I will also have to squeeze in a bachelor party weekend (tough life I know).

After the motorcycle meetup I’ll be in Washington and Oregon.  Probably will be flying from Portland for the wedding.  I’ve got lots of friends there so maybe one will let me park at their place for a few days.  October will finish off Oregon and California.

November (or whatever portion of it is left) will be in San Diego at my parents.  Give me a chance to unwind, work on the blog, hang out with friends, the usual life of a 30 something living at home.

If you map all of that out it is 9,000 miles and 7 days driving time.  I’m anticipating 15,000 miles over 6 months.  Conservatively the bike will get 40 mpg.  At $3.25/gallon that’s $1,200 in gas.   Far less than what food and accommodation will cost.

My sister is starting a job in Hanover Germany in August so my parents and I will be going there for Christmas.  Most likely I’ll be leaving before them and certainly coming home later.  Right now I’m thinking about doing a stopover in Iceland on the way over and getting to Europe a week before mom and dad.  Maybe the volcano will still be going then?

After that the only thing that makes sense is to hop back on the bike and start heading south again.  That’s a long ways down the road and a long road to ride, but I’m dreaming about it already.  Hope to see you out there!

Guadalupe Mountains and Banff NP photos courtesy of Everything Everywhere Travel Blog

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  1. Apr 19 2010

    Wow – that sounds great! If I’m staying around the US this summer I have been thinking about renting or buying a cheap car and doing a road trip…but a motorcycle sounds much more fun! Until it rains of course! Will enjoy following along!

    • Apr 19 2010

      Roadtrips are the way to go in America. So big and diverse. All the parks of full of huge RVs, but the trip can be done on anything. Hope it works out for you.

      Lisa if you’re reading this go check out Sherry’s site to see that women can travel solo.

  2. Apr 19 2010

    In Africa you won’t be allowed into many parks on two wheels, Lion elephant and leopard like to chow down on folks not inside vehicles

  3. Apr 19 2010

    I’ve got a garage for the bike and an air mattress if you need a place to crash near Seattle or Vancouver, B.C. Just give me a bit of a head’s up so I can prep my better half for a moto-guest.

    • Apr 19 2010

      Awesome, thanks Sean. I’ll be in that area for sure. Will let you know what’s happening as I get closer.

  4. Robyn
    Apr 23 2010

    yay, you’re coming to Europe… why don’t i see a side trip to Zürich in your itinerary??? anyway, looks like an awesome trip and i’m jealous you are going to Banff… def on my to do list! 🙂

    • Apr 23 2010

      Very wide open on Europe right now and I think they charge you just to breathe in Zurich.

  5. Mim
    May 11 2010

    Hey Brian,

    Sounds like a great trip. Will try to keep up with it.

    Mim (one the Booties from B’n’A)

  6. May 13 2010

    Sounds to be an excellent trip. I’m excited to follow you on your journey. I’ve always wanted to do a motorcycle trip, for now I’ll have to settle for reading about yours!

  7. May 18 2010

    Exciting! I did a road trip in Banff-Jasper stretch, the view is magnificent there! Totally you should do it! I hope you see some exotic animals like bears there 🙂

    • May 21 2010

      That’s what I’m hoping for too. From a safe distance at least.

      • May 21 2010

        Haha, don’t play with the cubs 🙂

  8. Jun 20 2011

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  9. Feb 11 2012

    Hey Brian, I discovered your blog today, and I read it all, I would love to do something like what you are doing, you lucky bastard! and seams like Sean offered you the same but whenever you are in Washington let me know, mi casa es tu casa.


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