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August 2, 2010

What’s Ahead On My Motorcycle Travels South?


I actually wrote most of this post the same time as my 100 day review, then promptly disappeared for two weeks.  Since then, I returned to Lake Louise for 10 days of mountain climbing (scrambling up no ropes required) and went to Nakusp BC for a Horizons Unlimited motorcycle travel meeting.  I’m going to quickly put out this post with the rest of this year’s plans then return to my alternate day posting schedule to get caught back up.  Sorry for the disappearance, but I can’t promise it won’t be the last time.

Back in Wasilla I did most of the maintenance I’d planned to; new tires, rear wheel bearing, oil change.  In Homer I put on the air filter I picked in Anchorage.  The only thing I skipped that my manual is telling me to do is replacing the spark plugs and now I’m due for a chain and sprockets too.

I’d planned to leave Alaska on the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City which everyone says is a really neat town.  Unfortunately, that road washed out for the second time since I’ve been in Alaska.  I did just get a good tip on where to see bears salmon fishing in BC for free so I can easily fill the time I’d planned for there.  Didn’t make it there due to returning to Lake Louise and Highway 37 going south was closed due to smoke from forest fires….

I’m in Post Falls Idaho right now and will be touring eastern Washington/Idaho before working my way over to Seattle and skip up to Vancouver for a bit by early September, those two cities could get reversed.  I want to get over to the Washington and/or Oregon coast after that as I’ve never been to the ocean up there.

Forest in Olympia National Park

I have a flight from Portland to San Diego on September 17th for a wedding on the 25th.  Returning to Portland on the 27th I’ll head south staying inland.  Places I’m thinking about on that part are the Redwoods, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley.  I’m planning to get my coastal drives in up north and then can jog over to it as needed in California to see friends.  That should get me to San Diego in early November where I’ll stay for a month before getting the backpack out and going to Europe.

Death Valley California

There’s a chance I may be riding back to Seattle for my Europe flight in December.  That would be a much faster paced ride.  I’ve got several things to hash out before then and I’d have to find a place to park my bike for a few months.

So once again I’ve got a rough plan, probably more detailed this time since I know the area better.  It looks like I’ll be busy riding down though the distance between spots will be closer together than they have been for the last month.  I’ve also got friends in all three states that it would be nice to see along the way.  It may end up being tough to balance those visits with what I want to see too.  A good problem to have at least.  Certainly if I’m headed your way let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.

Olympia NP and Death Valley photos courtesy of Everything Everywhere Travel Blog

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