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April 18, 2010


I’m Doing What???



Lots of this to Come

I’m really doing it…

Selling the house

Quit my job

Sold most of what was in the house

Getting out the camping gear

Loading up a motorcycle and

Hitting the open road!

It’s an idea that has been bouncing around in my mind since, well, since my last big adventure in 2007 while I was riding a 125cc scooter around in Laos.  I found it a totally liberating and free way to travel.  No longer was I a stuck on the bus with all the other backpackers stopping when and where it wanted to.  When I saw a pretty spot, I could stop and enjoy it.  Need to go the bathroom (yes, I still have Ulcerative Colitis), no problem.  Really like where you’re at and want to stay another week, hmm, well, uh oh, the scooter is rented and I’d said I’d be back in 3 days.  Plus they have my passport as collateral.  Maybe I’ll just get back on the road and stick to the plan.

Not this time baby!  Now I’ve got my own ride. Actually have some training on how to ride a motorcycle.  Throw in some safety gear, luggage, and a netbook.  What else could one need? At least that’s my attitude right now which means that I’ve decided to figure the rest out on the road.

My goal is to drive to Alaska this summer and have enough time to tour around and enjoy it.  I’ve been saying goodbye to people at work the last few days and made the comment that I can’t think of anyone who’s been there that said they didn’t enjoy it.  Can’t imagine I’ll be changing that pattern.  I’ll be sticking to the backroads and Blue Highways as much as possible.  What better way to go when you have time and a motorcycle?

I’ll be blogging along the way and I consider that a big part of my trip.  It’s a way for me to keep a record of where I go, reminisce later on, and lets you live vicariously and/or pick up some tips along the way.  You can see I’ve set up my own website this time.  It offers complete flexibility and gives me a place to call home.  It’s been fun figuring out the little bit I have about how it works and what it can do.

Ideally, the site will be interesting enough to bring in new people thinking about similar trips and some motorcycle or travel advertisers as well.  Anything to slow down the drain on the bank account and keep me traveling longer is a good thing.

I plan to update 3-4 time a week.  Probably the best thing to do is just set this site as your homepage so you don’t miss any updates.  If that is a bit much you can enter your email on the right side to be notified whenever a post is published.  I’ll also be posting links to the updates on the Facebook Fan Page and using that for quick updates and interaction.  There are also RSS and Twitter icons in the subscribe section.

The bottom line is that this site is just getting going and I have every intention of keeping the trip alive for a long time.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments and on Facebook or even better, to meet up one the road.  There is no need to be shy about spreading the word to others about the site.  I’m also happy to help out with other travel questions you may have.  Seriously, I enjoy it.  I’ve been an active member on the BootsnAll Forums since 2005 so if I can’t help you directly I probably know someone who can.

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  1. Apr 18 2010

    Good luck on your travels Brian. Hope to see you if you make it to Fethiye!

    • Apr 18 2010

      Thanks. Fethiye would be great. I’m looking at being in Turkey next year.

  2. Apr 18 2010

    This sounds like a brave and interesting plan, bound to bring tons of stories and life-changing experiences.

    Are you going anywhere else after Alaska?

    • Apr 18 2010

      Hi Sabina. Tomorrow’s post is “Where and When” which will give you a quick rundown of my itinerary for the rest of this year. Ultimately I’d love to drive all the way south. That’s a long ways off for now though.

  3. Apr 18 2010

    First of all, you never drive a bike, you ride it. Driving it can lead to some nasty falls. Riding is control. Remember its not the falling that causes hurt. Its always the object that stops you that causes pain.

    I rode 340k’s yesterday mostly on dirt. Today I have discovered muscles I didn’t know existed. The good news is that I had so much fun, the pain is worth it.

    My big trip would be on a bike but the missus and kids are going with. My next adventure will be on bikes. In the meanwhile I will follow yours jealously.

    • Apr 18 2010

      Thanks for coming by Guy and for the clarification. Good luck with your project trip/project.

  4. Apr 18 2010

    Hey Brian – I’ll definitely be following along with this journey! I don’t know how many times I’ve been riding those 125cc scooters in SE Asia and wondered what it would be like if I had my own bike to travel around on. Well, for now, I guess I learn what it’s like from you.

    • Apr 18 2010

      Great to have you here Earl. You are one of my favorite reads every week. Hopefully I’ll get to that point for the people coming by here.

  5. Mom
    Apr 18 2010

    Well, Bri, I finally got around to looking at your website – seems quite thorough and easy to maneuver around. It’s great that you were able to archive your past blogs and pictures. We’ll make sure the relatives know about the website so they can follow your adventures and travel vicariously through you.

    • Apr 19 2010

      I’ll believe that you really do like it, not just being a mom. There’s still some tweaking to go, but I’m pleased with how the site is going.

  6. Apr 19 2010

    The freedom of having your own transport will be amazing and something I am very jealous of. Hope all goes well for you.

    • Apr 19 2010

      Thanks Poi. I’ll be on the road in a few day and can’t wait.


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