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June 17, 2010


Waters of Yellowstone National Park


Water dominates at Yellowstone National Park in every way.  All shapes, sizes, and states interact to determine what grows, dies, and where it can go.  Old Faithful is many people’s image of the park, though its claim to fame is reliability of awe, though its not shabby there.

Hot springs, gyesers, rivers, and lakes all shape the park on a daily basis in their own way.  The Northwest, Mammoth Springs area, contains visually imposing travertine pools leading down towards the original park entrance.

Westcentral and Southwest is Old Faithful and an alley of gysers and pools continuing for several miles including the Grand Prismatic Spring.

The Southeast contains large lakes, some still with ice on them, and rivers running to them.  Mud pools, cauldrons, and sulphur ponds are found here too.

The Eastcentral and Northeast are less thermally active, but make up for it with waterfalls and snow covered mountains.  I rode over a couple inches of fresh snow one morning only to come to a road closed sign for oncoming traffic at the next junction.  Glad I got through, it would have been a long detour.

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  1. Jun 24 2010

    that is some Erie looking water over at yellow stone nat
    ional park


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