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July 25, 2010


What’s In My Kitchen


I’m at 12 weeks of traveling, camping, and living off the motorcycle.  You’ve seen plenty of pictures of my camps, but aside from my time with Joe, pretty much nothing about what I’ve been eating.  My dining experiences have trended towards the do-it-yourself option as I’ve progressed similar to my choices on where to sleep have.  The cost of eating out in Canada and Alaska have certainly been a factor with this.





The cookware is the same I’ve been using for years for camping.  The pot set actually has a 3rd large bowl that I didn’t bring.  The spoon, spatula, and colander drain is an MSR set that folds in half and go in the Crown Royal bag (very handy) for storage.  Those plus my salt and pepper fit inside the small pot.  The stove is an MSR Whisperlite and I bought a 3 pack of 2 cup size tupperware after losing my cooler back in New Mexico.  I still have one larger bowl as well which only gets used to mix pancake batter in.



This is pretty typical of my food selection aside from whatever sweet I can’t resist when I do my shopping that never lasts long.  Breakfast staples are just add water pancake mix, bananas, and bagels that either get peanut butter or occasionally cream cheese on them.  Lunch is typically a flat bread sandwich of pb&j or tuna.  I’ve mainly bought the pb&j combination jar which doesn’t have to be refrigerated.  I’m now a fan!

Dinner staples are Lipton sides pasta and rice dishes.  The main thing I look for with these is to look that they don’t need milk.  A couple tricks I picked up from Joe for these is to add a cup of plain pasta in with them to make two meals out of it.  Their is still plenty of seasoning to go around.  Usually I end up with a half to whole red potato in as there as well.  The trail mix goes with all the meals and in between, I’m getting addicted to it….



Salt, pepper, cholula, vegetable oil, are used as necessary to flavor out the meals.  Mayo packets and sometimes mustard are for the tuna sandwiches.  The syrup and vanilla is for the pancakes.  Single size flavored drink mixes are nice at camp in the evening and that’s when the vodka would get added to.  Vodka can double for lots of other uses as well.

Do you have any great (and easy) ideas for me to try.  Who knows, if they turn out great, or a disaster, it may turn into another post for me.

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  1. Bill Doyle
    Jul 25 2010

    Any guess as to how much weight you have lost? 🙂
    How much jetboil fuel have you used and any trouble finding t on the road?

    • Jul 25 2010

      Good questions Bill. I’m staying with Julie tonight and just weighed myself. I’ve lost about 10 pounds which is more than I’d like to. I knew my pants were a little looser, but I’d hoped it was cause I’d built up a some muscle.

      As for fuel I’ve used two 8 ounce cans and one 16 ounce. Finding fuel hasn’t been a problem. If I were traveling overseas I’d want a multi/fuel stove or maybe just a penny stove (google it).

  2. mark dekruyter
    Jul 25 2010

    The Cholula is one of you best food items………! Take care.

    • Jul 25 2010

      Absolutely, it makes everything better.

  3. Jul 27 2010

    bringing some white rice and beans or lentils can help fill you up and can be mixed with anything you find. Throw in a few packs of soy sauce and you should be good to go.

    • Jul 28 2010

      Good one. I don’t have lentils often, but always like them.

  4. alex
    Sep 7 2010

    Porage Oats are all ways good and cheap fast easy and dont take up much space will last ages not 5 star eating but will keep you going and nice on a chilly night i allways take some as my
    i got lost and am running out of food / or i spent all my cash on
    drinking food lol and at 50p for ten bowls

  5. Sep 16 2010

    This post just caught my eye (or maybe I’m just hungry). Might be a little more than you want to pay and pack, but Tasty Bite has great heat and eat Indian foods. Lots of chickpeas and veggies in the mixes for protein. The full list can be found here:

    Take care on the road!

    • Sep 18 2010

      Thanks for the recommendation, and coming by! Good luck with your trip plans and if there is anyway I can help just ask.


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