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May 30, 2010


Traveling With Joe


It was different for me traveling with someone in many ways. My wish from the first few weeks of my trip came true as all of a sudden I had a food genie. Joe was (voluntarily) in charge of dinner. I gave him whatever I could from my food supply and let him go. I did get to introduce him to the magic ingredient of Cholula though, mmmm.

Instead of a hot dinner once or twice a week like I was having it was suddenly pasta or rice with potatoes and seasoning every night. There was even beef and pork in a couple of meals! Traveling with someone who isn’t space constrained for every little item has it’s advantages.

After leaving Bryce Canyon, Joe and I made our way to Blanding Utah over the next few days. We camped on BLM land overlooking Escalante Canyon, in Capital Reef National Park, and in Manti La Sal National Forest at the foot of La Sal Peak. In between we also went through Natural Bridges National Monument. Through all of this the drives were the highlights.

The roads were windy with mountain climbs and descents, through canyons, and crossed over the Colorado River/Lake Powell. It wasn’t even the route we had planned as we ended up a day ahead of schedule after leaving Capital Reef. We were going to head towards the southern portion of the park and Burr Trail Road, but by the time we found gas it wasn’t worth circling back so we turned south from there.

Usually once we got to a destination I’d park the motorcycle at camp and hop in with him. This allowed me to look around a lot more on the drive, follow along on the maps, and figure out stops along the way. Not as fun as riding the bike, but more informative. Aside from staying near a park the night before and heading out early neither of us were big planners. While Joe was cooking I’d look over my National Park book which would give us a good idea of how long to spend at the park and what to target.

I was able to pass a few tips on to Joe on different camping options such as the BLM lands and National Forest sites as mentioned above. He wasn’t aware of these and I’m sure others aren’t either so I’ll be writing a separate post on this soon. The main thing is that by being willing to bring your own water for a night you can often find a camp for free wherever one of these options are around.

The two of us are on similar paths this summer, or what some may even call, lack thereof. We both quit our jobs and were trying to decide where to go and what to do next. Our trips aren’t necessarily to find those answers as much to remind us what else is out there. Still, once you get away from the path you were on it’s much easier to see what options there really are for the next one.

It was great to make a new friend and be able to appreciate the places I’m seeing with someone else. The fact that we had such similar intrests and attitudes just made it that much better.

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  1. Marsh
    Jun 1 2010

    Mmmmmm Cholula!!

  2. Jun 1 2010

    This post makes me want to grab my tent, some meat and a bottle of cholula hot sauce and head on a road trip out west!

    • Jun 1 2010

      Do it, let’s start a revolution!


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