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July 5, 2010


Finishing Montana


I know I left the last post hanging regarding both my knee and my wet tent so here’s how the rest of Montana went and a few of the other places I got to.

Returning to Missoula I went to REI to exchange the tent, but they didn’t have anything near the price I’d paid to go with so I went with one more bottle of waterproof spray not expecting my $6 tarp to last the rest of the trip. I returned to my friend’s house south of Missoula and actually got to see them this time.  They had an spare fly/tarp that we traded so I’m good to go with that now.  Thanks Ty!  It’s working great 😀

The knee improved enough the next day that I didn’t go to a doctor knowing there was only two things I could hear; give it rest or something is wrong with it.  Rest I can do, at least relative to what I have been doing, and anything more involved I don’t want to hear.  For now I’m trying to space out my hikes more and keep them shorter with mixed results.  The area I’m in now, Banff/Jasper (and where I’m heading to) isn’t a place I want to hangup my boots at.

Camp Outside of Bozeman


Camp Outside of Bozeman


Back to Montana as a whole.  Despite spending two weeks here this is just my third, and last, post about it.  Almost half my time was spent at my friend’s south of Missoula part of which they were out of town for.  In a way it was nice to be able to have a home and still be on my own schedule however it wasn’t a productive time I got sucked into the World Cup and US Open quite a bit.  I did enjoy the time I spent within Missoula wandering around downtown and being able to restock on supplies.

The weather was better than in Wyoming down to every other day of rain instead of every day.  Can’t say I’m at all interested in sticking around for a winter though.  I spent a couple of nights in Columbus (west of Billings) which was small, but nice, and stayed at a city park right on the river.  From there I went to Bozeman for a night and the same for Helena.  Nothing wrong with any of the places, I just never got into a groove of making the most of each day like I did in New Mexico.  Onto the next country to try again!

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    Great info I like camping travel and i love your blog very much.


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