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May 21, 2010


Antelope Canyon in Page Arizona


A quick update to let everyone know I’m ok.  I visited Page Arizona primarily to go see Antelope Canyon.  There are two amazing slot canyons known as Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon that two of the most photographic places in the world.  Well at least if you have the right equipment, high end camera and tripod.  Sadly, I lack both of those.  

Instead, I got to see an incredible place and marvel in the fact that it exists.  I had to play with these pictures more than I’ve ever done before as the colors on the photos where almost nonexistent.  At least the shapes and textures are worth viewing by themselves.  Also the sun wasn’t out much either day that I was in Page so I couldn’t try for any sun beam photos inside the canyon.

Horseshoe Bend


Horseshoe Bend


Aside from the canyons another spot to visit is Horseshoe Bend which was far bigger than I’d imagined and higher up than I wanted to get to the edge of.  If you want to see the bottom part of the river in the bend go yourself or buy someone else’s photo!

The bend is a few miles below the Glen Canyon Dam which is what makes Lake Powell.  I’ve toured through the Hoover Dam, downstream a few hundred miles, before and decided to skip the tour of this one.  From Page, I went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the day it opened this year so that update will be coming next.

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  1. May 23 2010

    These look fantastic! What camera/lens do you use? Hubby and I are heading that way in August and I think you made a point of interest for us. I have to check this place out. How amazing.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • May 25 2010

      I’m using a Canon S90. It’s a has a good lens and sensor for a point and shoot, still this canyon was a test for it. I also used exposure bracketing while in there since I couldn’t get a good feel for what was going to work. The colors still came out a flat, but workable. Hope you get there, it’s incredible!

  2. Zach
    May 24 2010

    Way cool… Always wondered where those photos are taken…

  3. May 25 2010

    You are making me sad that I missed this when I was out there…but a reason to go back no doubt.
    Great photos…however I have to say the black and white one is my favorite!

    • May 25 2010

      I thought about doing more as black and white after seeing how flat the colors were. That one demanded it.

      It’s a place that is nearly worth the trip by itself.


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