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April 23, 2010


On The Road


Confession – I know I just left.  What could you have lied about already?  See that’s just it.  I ended up leaving Friday not Thursday.  The day to depart came  andI faced it head-on.  It won.  But I came out victorious in the rematch and that’s what matters.  Ok, that’s over with.

Smile and All

I’ll keep this short, sweet, and since it includes a picture of me – handsome.  Remember that look.  You won’t see the beard that short again for a while.  I’ll tell you what, Shelly can pick how long my beard is (or lack thereof) for her wedding in September under one condition.  Daniel accepts the email subscription I sent him AND stays subscribed through wedding.

It’s so nice to be getting on the road after dreaming and planning this trip for years.  Even with all that lead time I don’t have my route planned at all.  The destinations I mentioned earlier are only guidelines.  If I end up heading in another direction it must mean that is what I thought was best at that time.

An online friend that I spoke to for the first time on Wednesday gave me a route to Big Bend that takes me near the first waypoint I had in mind, Stonehenge II.  Located in Hunt Texas it a 60% replica of the original.  It also has replica Easter Island Maoi heads as well, score!  I’ll be using recommendations from people I meet and online communities as much as possible.  If you know of something not to miss wherever I’m headed let me know.

While I’m excited and anxious for the journey I’m feeling just as much relief.  Subconsciously I’ve known this day was coming for a long time.  Now I’m free to talk about it, savor it, and let it take a life of it’s own.

The site is getting a good mix of followers – old friends, travel friends, and new friends.  It’s great to have you all and to get some feedback.  It will make the trip better for me, and hopefully, lead to a better website and stories for you.  I got my map working last night so you can see where I started at and am heading to on Day 1.  See it was worth that extra day already.

Here I am loaded up to head out.  If you see someone decked out like this this summer flag me down and say hi.

Ready to Head Out

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  1. Marsh
    Apr 23 2010

    I’m putting it in writing now that if I ever get married I will choose the length of beard or lack of beard for the occasion!!

    • Jul 2 2010

      Better git used to beards & smelly pits in the G Marsh! J &S

  2. Apr 23 2010

    If you are going to a Stone Henge Replica early on, when you make it to Washington/Oregon in the Portland Area, you’ll have to head east on Highway 14 to visit the Stonehenge replica there!

    • Apr 24 2010

      I’ll be sure to check it out.

  3. Gary & Karen
    Apr 24 2010

    Our prayers go with you!

  4. Mom
    Apr 24 2010

    I wonder if Shelly will take bribes so I can vote on the beard length as well.

    • Apr 24 2010

      I think it will be irrelevant since Daniel isn’t going to do his part. It will be full mountain man now.

  5. Kirsten
    Apr 24 2010

    Happy to see you finally left. Be safe!


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