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September 13, 2010


5 Things That I Found Familiar At Burning Man


Burning Man is an event unlike any other.  At the same time, there are pockets of familiarity.  The difference is that you aren’t used to seeing those different pockets put together.  Here’s what I found familar.

Camp Nomadia = Tailgating

So happy this was my home for 8 days.  Everyone was friendly and interesting.  There was a community drink table and food table which were always full.  It wasn’t until day 7 that amount of alcohol on the drink table went down from the day before despite our best efforts.

Camp Nomadia Happy HourCamp Nomadia Happy Hour


Camp Nomadia Happy Hour


Outer Circles = Kentucky Derby Infield

One big party that changes every 25 feet.  Costumes, entertainment, and noise.  You never know what you’re going to see next anywhere on the playa.

The Feel of Burning ManThe Feel of Burning Man


The Feel of Burning Man


Sarge and His Canned BaconSarge and His Canned Bacon


Sarge and His Canned Bacon


The Playa Provides = My Summer’s Travels

I felt at home in Burning Man from the beginning.  Everyone is there to have a good time and help others out however they could.  It was like condensing the 5 months of goodwill I’ve experienced this summer into one day and then repeating it for 7 more days.  If you have a need or desire it will be filled.

My favorite was returning to my tent in the middle of the day after wandering for a few hours to find a brand new pair of sweat socks in a zip-lock waiting for me at my tent.  How perfect is that for someone traveling on a motorcycle?  Small, useful, and always needed.  No note or anything and after my initial surprise it made perfect sense.

Self Reliance = Also My Summer’s Travels

My tent ended up in the motorhome I caravaned to the event with.  I used a little creative motorcycling to get in and beat them by 1.5 hours once the line stopped.  It was so strange for me to be where I was going to sleep and not be able to do anything.  Once the RV arrived my world was in order again for the rest of the week.

Double Rainbow and My TentDouble Rainbow and My Tent


Double Rainbow and My Tent


People Like Motorcycles

This was confirmed on Day 1 when some Harley riders from Oregon came over to chat and we ended up hanging out doing shots for a few hours and went on all week.  Ten minutes before I was ready to go Tuesday morning a pickup came tearing up and a guy jumped out with a video camera wanting to do a quick interview for a Burning Man project he is putting together.  He saw the bike and wanted my story.

I’ve also heard that there is a picture of my motorcycle and tent on the main Burning Man site, but haven’t been able to find it myself yet.  If you come across it send me a link please!

Art Car Reflection and TempleArt Car Reflection and Temple


Art Car Reflection and Temple

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  1. Sep 13 2010

    This looks like such a fun event. I love the spirit of it.

  2. Sep 13 2010

    I’m going to be going through withdrawals from some of the people I met (including you!). I’m so glad that we were able to hang out! <3

  3. Sep 13 2010

    Interesting overview of Burning Man. My coworker here in NZ just got back and can’t stop raving about what an amazing experience it was. I’m determined to go in the next couple years.

  4. Sep 13 2010

    Ayngelina and Matt you definitely need to go. So many cool things you can’t see anywhere else, which coincidentally is what my next post is on.

    Erica great meeting you and Shaun and the rest of the camp. I didn’t want to leave at the end of the week. They need to make Burning Man longer!

  5. Sep 13 2010

    sounds perfect for you! So glad you did the detour and went there!

    • Sep 14 2010

      It was a great decision. This summer has been full of them for me. Good luck today with! Don’t know how you find the time to keep up with all the other people out there.

  6. Marsh
    Sep 14 2010

    Bri, when I moved back to the States we’ll definitely have to go. Just have to figure out how to get the time off while working at a school.

    • Sep 14 2010

      Don’t let me hold you back. I’ll go if I can, but find a friend or go on your own otherwise. Meeting people there takes zero effort. Glad you’re interested now 🙂

  7. charlie
    Feb 19 2011

    WTF! i thought i was only guy who went to Burning Man on a v strom?……i went on my 09 from Seattle….that would’ve been cool if we’d have bumped into each other :)…….are you going this year?

    • Mar 5 2011

      Sorry for the delay Charlie and that we missed each other last year. Highly doubtful I’ll be going this year, though I had a blast last year. Cheers!


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