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February 23, 2007

Small City Life


Phetcburi is a nice small city.  You can walk nearly anywhere you need to go although it has gotten quite warm and humid that last couple of days.  Just gave what I needed for an excuse to siesta.  After my overnight journey and bus back down to here and walk around town was just what I needed.  My guesthouse gave me a nice map which included a suggested walking tour past many of their temples and actually told you what they were in English!  Quite a treat trust me.  The temples range from 1,000 to 500 years old and are in various conditions.  I thought the old Hindu temple was the coolest built from rock.  All of the other temples are Buddhist and that one has been converted to that now.  There are so many in town that they just blend in with all of the other buildings.  Sometimes you are halfway past one before you realize it.

I needed and got a good night sleep despite having a window without glass right on a busy road in my room.  Thats what you get for $4.  I went to the hilltop temple the next day which was built to resemble the great temple in Bangkok.  The buildings were nice, but the setting is what really made it.  You could see for miles in every direction with trees and flowers growing everywhere around you.  Monkeys were on all the paths and trees waiting for you to drop something or sometimes being more bold and going for  your water bottle.

I took another siesta and tried to convince myself to go north of town to the Buddha temple built inside of a cave, but just couldn’t that day.  I did meet a german couple who had just got there earlier that day and we agreed to go the this morning.  At 9 Alex was there, but not Anica, turns out she had been throwing up most of the night.  The two of us went up and I’m glad we did.  A very big cavern with Buddhas all over and a large hole in the ceiling letting the sun come through.  Such a peaceful place.  There were several caverns like this with the light coming in and statues everywhere.  Not to be missed if you come here.

Right now I’m trying to fight off a cold/sore throat that has been coming on and is getting annoying.  Its taken a little bit of energy from me, but the coughing is the worst part.  I’ve heard a couple of similar coughs at the guesthouse and am sure that it is just from being in such tight quarters with so many different travelers in the last two weeks.  I’m going to be going back to Bangkok this afternoon and meet Michelle there Saturday night.  I’m anxious to see some of the sights the big city has to offer, but dealing with all the hawkers and so on there isn’t high on my list.  This will probably be the only significant time I spend there unless it surprises me.  Thats all for now, here’s hoping for any easy day of travel, you never can tell here.


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