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February 11, 2007

Having Fun Already


Hello again my body seems to have adjusted, despite my nap and going to be after 3am everyday since.  Guess that is a good sign that I am having fun though.  Hostels are absolutely wonderful places because you get to meet the most interesting people who share many of the same interests as you.  Hence why they are traveling also.  A few of us bought a case of beer last night and hung out on the roof chatting for quite a while last night.  Same as in Australia most of them are English, but I’m not holding that against them.

I’ve decided that while Singapore is an incredibly clean and well run city it is a city much like all the others I’ve been to and will be heading out today.  I’m taking a bus to Malyasia and will start my journey northward.  I haven’t done much research on this part of the trip so  I will be winging it and open to whatever catches my eye at the time.  That should give me a few interesting stories and pictures to share when I find the time to let you know about them instead of going to find even more.  Until then …

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