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March 11, 2007

Betting The Horses in Bangkok


I’m back on my own again.  After Michelle left I spent the day at the horse races right in downtown Bangkok.  Didn’t really know what I was doing when I went, and just figured it out as I went.  First I found an English program then went inside.  It looked familiar enough and was filling up for the first race.

They had an oddsboard on the infield and countdown to post just like at home.  Well I made my pick and hurried to get my bet in and went back to the benches.  About 30 minutes and 2 more post countdowns later the first race got under way.  Its funny some things run right on time and others are when they feel like it, but you never know which its going to be ahead of time.

Well the second race I hit my first payout 400B back so I was up 200B.  I still hadn’t figured out the odds or payout board just yet, but this got some momentum going. Here you either bet the horse to win or place.  I didn’t even want to try getting into anything more complicated.  What is different though is that the place bet pays for 2nd place if there are under 8 horses running or 2nd and 3rd if there are more than 8 which all of the races were.  Took me a while to figure out that one.

Basically the favorite or close to it wins nearly all the races here based on while I was there and looking at the program.  There were horses that had hardly done anything, but one time in their last six races they would have a low payout and sure enough thats when the finished first or second, seemed a bit fishy to me.  Or maybe the Thai people are just really good handicappers.  I hit another 400B on the 4th race.

The sixth was their big race with the best horses in it.  I picked one horse to win and another to place, both for 100B each ($3).  The race had 7 horses bunched up at the finish line and an inquiry went up after it finished.  My place horse finished in third, but it was about 10 minutes before they made it official.  That 100B paid 1,600 back and was by far the best payout of the day to hit.  All that time at Del Mar wasn’t wasted after all.

That put me up comfortably for the day.  It wasn’t until after I bet on the 7th that I realized I was winning on all the even number races, but race 8 ended that and I’d had enough for the day.  It was a lot of fun and the horses I picked where near the front all day which had a lot to do with it.  If you’re ever in Bangkok make the effort to head on over.

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