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June 5, 2006

Way to go Marsha!


I’m in Portland for my sister’s graduation. She got her Master’s of Education in School Counseling and has a full time job at the same high school she worked at last year. She really likes where she is at and what she’s doing so I couldn’t be happier for her. It has been another fun weekend. I ended up on the same plane as my Aunt and cousin from Dallas here and will do the same in a couple of hours on the way back. Marsha didn’t know that Brenda was coming out (despite everyone worrying that they slipped up). She went running up to her at the airport which was cool to see. I had a 20 minute warning that I would be on the same flight as my relatives, but despite that they saw me first and were quite surprised. We couldn’t sit close together, but they had to deal with the screaming baby so I was ok with it, maybe on the way back.

After going to the Portland City Grill Friday night for dinner and drinks, we had a kick-ass party at the Old Market Pub and Grill Saturday night. We had the back room to ourselves with open bar and food (thanks mom and dad)! Lots of Marsha’s friends and coworkers showed up and everyone had a good time.  The shuffleboard games were getting pretty boisterous. Everyone knew about my trip so there were lots of jealous comments and questions about it. Just a preview of the wedding in three weeks where there will be 250 people instead of 35. It is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to get to be doing this.

I have nine work days remaning. Thinking about it being single digits on the drive to the airport seemed surreal. Tomorrow is our big annual plant meeting with our VP and general managers so I have been busy getting my presentations ready for that and trying to get the plant cleaned up. Summer is starting so there have been lots of people on vacation at the plant which has made things a little more challenging. Regardless after Tuesday I will really be on the downhill for my time left in Oklahoma. It will be plenty busy outside of work laying out everything to bring and trying not to forget anything. Not like I can go back and pick it up. It will be another trip to REI for sunglasses and pants when I get back to Dallas and I’m sure there will be a few on the road too. Thats all for now, I’m sure I’ll have another update before I’m on the road and then it will be when I can find internet access. Take care!


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