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March 14, 2006

Things Are In Motion


Hello all! As the headlines say I’m taking a year off of work to travel and see what is happening elsewhere. Travel along with me at this website and let me know how you’re doing too. The plan right now is June-Sept in the US. October-November in New Zealand. December-April in Australia, May in southeast Asia, then coming back home and recovering for a month.

My trip doesn’t start for 3 months, but it is on my mind quite often so I might as well fill you in on the pre-trip items. I turned in a request for a one-year leave of absence last week and am waiting to hear the outcome of that. It was a bit earlier than I planned on doing that, but I got a call about taking a new position with the company out east. I decided to do the trip instead and told them I wasn’t interested in the position. Last weekend I was running around Dallas to buy gear that I will need while on the road. A few more things to get off the internet and then I will start looking at tickets and routes to take. Even with a year available the number of things I want to do far exceeds the time available to do them (its a big world out there) so I just have to remind myself that I can’t to do everything and enjoy the things I can. Guess that will leave things to do next time too!

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