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May 19, 2006

Practicing Croc Hunter


Four more weeks! The trip is becoming more real every day. I’ve been thinking/planning it for so long, now when I think a month in the future I will be somewhere else. I’ve been reading a few books on the places I’m going and other travel type books. One of the funniest is “In a Sunburned Country” by Bill Bryson. He is an English guy who traveled through Australia and tells of his adventure. When reading it, it actually made me think that Australia and Oklahoma have lots of similarities … hot weather, funny accents, big bugs (I think our mosquitoes are on steroids this year, or maybe the people are and they get it through the blood), snakes, variety of landscape, that sort of stuff. Now that we are getting into summer weather here it rememinded me of that. Despite the similarities I figure I’ll still go see the real thing, just to compare.

On that note, I got to practice my Crocodile Hunter routine last weekend. I was walking out of my house and saw the back half of a snake going around the corner of my house. I ran upstairs grabbed the camera and went back to find it. By Crickey she’s a beaut!!! It was a 5-foot black ratsnake just cruising around. A lot bigger than I was expecting to see. They aren’t poisonous and help take care of the mice and rats so I didn’t mind it being around. Just that first shock of seeing it. Well I took a bunch of pictures and it promptly crawled up into the engine compartment of my truck. I didn’t go chasing it like the true croc hunter would have. You know trying to piss it off and have it try to crawl up my shorts or something. Luckily, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere and I assume it had left by the time I did. Actually I’ve had a pack rat storing pecans and dry grass all over my engine compartment so maybe I should try keeping it around so no more wires get chewed up.

Really nothing new as far as the trip goes this time. I think I have the gear I need at least to start with and having a few months of living out of my truck will give me time to figure out what is going overseas with me or if I forgot something. Next week I am going to see what fits in my backpack and how much I want to carry. The advice I’ve heard is that the longer you are going to be gone the less you should bring. Except for money, always bring more of that. Usually you don’t have much choice there though. One potential good thing is that I may be able to leave all of my stuff in my house while I’m gone which would make the next month a whole lot easier without having to pack and put everything in storage.

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