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September 19, 2006

Out Again


Letting everyone know I’m back out of the hospital. They did a bone biopsy into my vertebra while I was in there to try and catch a sample of the infection to figure out what it is. Once again all of the cultures and tests have not grown anything. I’m on two antibiotics now for six weeks. One I take by mouth and the other is an IV. They put a tube in my arm that will stay there for the IV and the antibiotic line just screws onto it, no more needles for a while. I’ll go in for the IV every third day and get supplies to do it at home the other two days. Midway through the treatment I’ll go in for an MRI or CAT scan to see how the treatment is going and have a bone density scan at the end to make sure it is all gone. The antibiotics are some general treatment ones that are the doctors best guess at what will take care of it.

I’ve been doing ok ever since the first hospital stay and was even able to go to the Charger game yesterday. It was fun to be rooting for a shutout at the end of the game and not wondering if they were going to get a win. My first flight overseas was supposed to be Sunday so I need to decide if I’m going to cancel those tickets or take a guess at what changes I will need by then. Aside from that its nice to be out of the hospital and hope these drugs take care of everything.

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