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September 9, 2006

Next Hospital Trip


Hello again,

Not much has happened in the last two weeks, primarily waiting to hear from the doctor to find out what will be happening in my life. Not much fun being a spectator to my own life when I’m supposed to be out having fun. I did finally hear from them yesterday and I will be going back into the hospital on Monday. We are pretty much on the same plan as when I was discharged, which is to do a bone biopsy to try and identify the infection. That will be done Tuesday morning and an IV line will be put in that I will go home with so I can give myself antibiotics after I leave the hospital, which should be on Thursday. They still don’t know what the infection is so I may go home with one antibiotic and have it switched once they figure it out.

I’m just glad to know when things will be happening and moving forward. My back has not reverted nearly as much as thought it would and have just felt a little tightness here and there. The doctors would probably have me wait a little longer for the biopsy, but my other ongoing medical issue with ulcerative colitis is hitting me hard right now. I’ve basically decided to have surgery to remove my colon and be done with that once and for all, but can’t do anything there with the infection in my spine. So that is why I’m going back next week. I will also see a doctor about my colon while I’m in the hospital. As you can see I’ll be here for a while having all this work done and recovering.

In my last post I did forget to mention that I got to see my dog again since my parents were taking care of her. She has been a great companion to have during the day since I haven’t had much energy for going out. I’m trying not to watch much tv during the day and doing will there. Mainly lots of reading, sudoku, and a few naps. Now I’ll have to watch the Chargers open up Monday night from the hospital though. Might be safer since my friends can get rowdy during the games anyways.

I did make to the horse races with JJ last week and we both left with money in our wallets, always a plus. Aside from one quick clothes shopping trip as my needs have changed slightly from living on the road I’ve just been catching up with a few friends and laying low. I won’t have internet access at the hospital, but can use my cell phone so give a call if you like, however it should be a quick stay. I’ll let you know how it went once I’m out.


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