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August 1, 2006

Hanging Out


Not a whole lot new in the last week. I’ve been going to the chiropractor, but haven’t seen much improvement in the back. It varies quite a bit throughout the day. Don’t know what I would be doing without the pool and spa at the apartment complex here. That is the first place I head to in morning to get going and hit it one more time in the afternoon. The left side is still too stiff/painful to be adjusted and has led to a significant lean on my upper body. My left shoulder is straight in line with my left hip while the right shoulder is leaning about 4 inches outside my right hip. I’ve tried different methods of sitting and trying to hold it straight, but they haven’t worked yet. I’m going to a osteopathic doctor this afternoon and see what he says.

I thought things were headed in the right direction over the weekend, but stiffened back up Sunday and Monday. Thankfully Saturday was my best day and I went to the Portland Brewfest. I really don’t think that I did anything there to aggravate it and it wasn’t just because of the beers that I felt better either. They had 72 different types there and I tried quite a few of them. Saw in the paper on Monday that they estimated 55,000 people came out over the weekend. Lots of lines for beer, but they do have lots of porta-pottys, or Honey Buckets as they call them here. Also, it was about 25 degrees cooler than last year which wade it much more comfortable. We took my sister’s camera, but unfortunately it died during the event and I don’t think it is coming back.

Marsha was supposed to be moving into her new house over the weekend, but the closing on where she is living now has been delayed so she is hoping to get the keys for her new place today. The little delays are getting annoying and stressful for her. She has to work at least part of the next three days which will make for some longs ones once the moving and unpacking begins. Should just be one load of big stuff in a u-haul tomorrow and a few trips in my car and hers in between now and then. I haven’t been able to help at all which hasn’t been easy for me or her.

After the doctors appointment today I will start trying to figure out when I’ll be leaving here. The leading candidate right now is to fly to San Diego instead of driving and spend some extra time there getting better. I’ve seen a lot of the country between here and there, but these last couple of weeks have been so different than what I wanted it is tough to give up on the rest of the travel in the US. If that is what it takes to be able to do the overseas portion then I that is what I’ll do though. Heads up to those of you in/near San Diego I’m planning a party on September 22 for a going away/early bday party, more details to follow.

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