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July 14, 2006

Fenway Park and Boston


My annual sporting event trip for 2006 is going to a baseball game at Fenway and Yankee stadium. My two best friends, Danny and Daniel, and I started this two years ago as a way to see some cool places and keep in touch with each other. 2004 was the Kentucky Derby and in 2005 we went to the Daytona 500. This year we had tickets to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on Jan 2, but it was moved to Atlanta after Katrina hit and we decided not spend New Year’s in Atlanta. This year it did grow though and we there were 7 of us in Boston and 8 in New York. The same three, my dad, Daniel’s dad (Jimmy), his brother (JJ), JJ’s wife’s brother in law (Pat), and my dad’s brother (Uncle Ken) drove down from Pennsylvania for New York.

Just getting to Boston was an adventure due to rain on the east coast and Danny missing his flight from LA and losing his cell phone at the airport. Also, part of a tunnel in Boston had a roof tile fall the day before killing a lady which shut down all of the tunnels and made traffic a mess the whole time we where there. Regardless everyone but Pat came in Wednesday we were in good spirits. We had two rooms at a hotel right next to Fenway and got walk around it that evening. Daniel has a new job so he brought a sales script that he had to memorize for a training course starting on Monday. I think we all tired of hearing his speach, but it is great that he was making time to get it done.

The next day we rounded everyone up and took the subway downtown to walk around and see the sites. We followed the Freedom Trail and checked it out. I had been there once before, but saw lots of new things, Paul Revere’s house, the North Church. We all sang Happy Birthday to my mom in front of Paul Revere’s house. We ate in the Quincy Market which is a long building wall to wall with eateries inside and knickknack shops and street performers outside. They had any type of food you wanted. We settled on a seafood place for some clam chowder and Sam Adams. Notice the important stuff gets capitalized. We continued walking the trail and trying out the different pubs. The cool thing for all of us is just how old the stuff out East is. Six of the seven of us grew up in San Diego and everything is new compared to there.

We headed back for some downtime before the game. Planned to get to the game an hour early to wander around, but Pat, and the tickets to the game he was bringing hadn’t arrived. Thank goodness for cell phones as we were able to get updates, but he had flown into Hartford and was hitting traffic on the way in. JJ was pacing like mad and after listening to the national anthem from the hotel Pat arrived and handed off the tickets. We sat down just before the first pitch. We were in the bleachers in center field, but could still see everything great.

Everyone had some beers and dogs and wandered around to check it all out. A very cool place to watch a game from. The place just drips baseball from every knook and cranny. An old place, but they got it right and I just kept thinking about all of the people that had watched a game from there over the years. When we returned to our seats around the 6th inning the high schoolers behind us were drunk and one girl woke up from being passed out and puked right behind Daniel’s seat almost immediately. That split up the group for the rest of the game as he and those near him went and found some better seats right behind the first base dugout. Lucky dogs. Oakland came back from a deficit and won in 11 innings so we got our money’s worth. Another couple beers and some poker that night and we were set to move on to New York the next day.

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