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July 6, 2006

Day Before the Canoe Trip


Greetings all, I’m not actually still in Ely, but its my blog so I can do what I want. Been a busy, busy week. I had a day to kick around in Ely before my canoe trip started. I went to the International Wolf Center which has a bunch of educational displays and presentations there. They also have an enclosure with 5 wolves in there. During the day they were hiding out in their den keeping cool which was a disappointment. I went back that evening and they were out and about then. I was really surprised at how big they are, about 100 pounds. Enjoyed seeing them and was able to take some pictures then. The rest of the stuff there is ok, but the highlight is seeing the wolves.

That day I also got together with the outfitter, Timber Trail, for my trip and got a big pack of food for my trip along with the canoe. I had found the outfitter through the internet and everything worked out great. I tested the canoe out that afternoon and was wondering what I was getting myself into. It was an 18-foot long Kevlar canoe which weighed about 18 pounds. They also said it could be a bit brittle to sudden impacts so don’t band it on the ground or hit any rocks with it while on the water. I was doing fine in it, but could tell it was going to be a lot of paddling to get anywhere. After going through their pack and leaving all the camp gear that I already had I was down to the canoe my backpack with gear and clothes, a dry bag for my camera, and the big pack with food and water. More than enough as I was to soon learn.

In the town of Ely they have a bunch of knick-knick shops, restaurants, and a photo gallery I wanted to see. The artist is Jim Brandenburg who has taken photos for National Geographic for years. He does animal and landscape shots primarily from where he lives, near Ely. I’ve been lucky enough to see lots of great photos from my friend Michelle in Illinois and he is nearly as good as her. Some beautiful places and moments captured on the walls there. A little out of my price range though and not much room to hang them in my current house, I mean truck. After all that the outfitter had a local band doing a little show on the beach that evening so I went down there, had a beer (or two) and got ready for the big outing to start the next morning.

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