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April 16, 2006

A Quick Trip to San Diego


Well the trip plans are continuing on. My leave of absence was approved so I will have a job when I get back. July 16 is my last day at work and then I will be heading to a cousin’s wedding in Chicago the next weekend. As the headline says I’m in Santee right now. My parent’s are going to be taking care of my dog while I’m gone. There has been a pack of coyotes at my house that she has gotten into a couple of scrapes with so I decided to take her home now while I still could. It is going to be a big change at my place without her. It will just be all the natural animals around to keep me company now.

As always it has been nice coming out here to see family and friends. The highlight was definitely going to the implosion of the Hotel San Diego, done by a friends dad’s company. We went up in his hotel room after the implosion and you could see how the building folded in on itself just like it was supposed to. I just got back from Easter brunch at Jimmy’s and fly back to Oklahoma this afternoon.

I have a couple plans for my US trip so far. A canoe trip in northern Minnesota at the boundary waters with Canada, a backpacking trip in Glacier National Park, then over to Portland to see my sister, and back down to Santee for a few weeks before I fly overseas. Now that I have those plans I will be buying airline tickers for the first few legs of my trip. I know I will be in Sydney for Christmas as my parents and sister are flying over for two weeks also! By then it will be great to see some familiar faces.

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