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100 Days of Bikes, Boots, and Blogs

I’m at the halfway point of Phase 1 of Brian’s World Destination Travel Plan.  I just made that title up, needs some work.  Still 100 days and a little under 12,000 miles have turned under my tires since leaving Texas in April.  Speaking of which I have much needed NEW TIRES on my V-Strom!!!  Woohoo for that.

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Back of Bike

The Motorcycle Setup

If you haven’t figured out that I’m doing a trip on a motorcycle yet then welcome to my blog.  I’ll get a few things out of the way right off.

  • No, I’m not crazy
  • No, I haven’t done this before.  I mean AT ALL, zero camp trips on the bike.  Nearly every weekend I had last year was spent finishing out my house or visiting friends and family out of state.
  • No, that doesn’t worry me.
  • Yes, I’m sure and ok maybe a little crazy

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Recent Articles

Celebrating the Walk to Santiago de Compostela

Remember Me?

Hey all. My first post in two years! May as well since I’ve kept the sight up all this time.

I’m back in the states, near Santa Fe NM currently. I’m housesitting for a couple doing the Cannonball Run trip from New York to San Francisco on a 1927 BSA motorbike. That part is just a coincidence, but seemed like the perfect housesit to find. Read moreRead more

Two Silohettes on Badwater Basin in Death Valley

Death Valley Melts My Brain and Changes My Plans

Riding the bike to Death Valley I passed another mileage sign to the nearest towns.  This one was different though – at the bottom of it was San Diego 393 miles.  Wow, my destination is less than a days drive away!  Not my destination for that day, the one I’m going to wind down this phase of the trip to.  Maybe that’s what got me thinking…

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Brian At Telescope Peak Summit

This Is Death Valley?

Death Valley National Park is easy right?  North America’s lowest point, hot, and dry.  Maybe worth seeing, but probably not going too far out your way.  Sound about right?  It’s certainly what I thought until the day before.

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Out of the Burning Man Bubble

A friend asked me if I felt like more of a participant or spectator at Burning Man.  The question threw me and I ended up saying spectator.  Looking back I’m not so sure that was the case.

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Thunderdome, Yes That One

7 Things I Found Unique to Burning Man

Just because I found things that were familiar doesn’t mean much of Burning Man was.  The one thing I learned to expect there was the you never knew what you would see next.  Here are seven examples of this.

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The Feel of Burning Man

5 Things That I Found Familiar At Burning Man

Burning Man is an event unlike any other.  At the same time, there are pockets of familiarity.  The difference is that you aren’t used to seeing those different pockets put together.  Here’s what I found familar.

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Get There Early and Pick Your Spot

Preparing for Burning Man

Self Reliance

One of Burning Man’s main tenants is Self-Reliance.  Bring what you need to survive, and party, in the desert for 8 days and leave no trace behind when you go.  The execution of this principle has evolved into a shadow of the intent, but it is still farther than most people are accustomed to.

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